Swimming: U.S. Men’s, Florida & Ryan Lochte Coach Gregg Troy

Gregg Troy is one the leading swimming coaches in the world, heading up the U.S. Men’s Team that was so dominant in the London Olympics, as well as the boss of the perennial national-leading University of Florida Gators.
Oh yeah, before we forget, Gregg is the guiding light for the world’s hottest property in the pool right now, Ryan Lochte.
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Gregg served as head coach of the U.S. men’s team at the London Olympics, but as you’ll hear, his track record with the Olympics goes all the way back to 1988. He won U.S. swimming coach of the year in 2010, along with a host of other awards over the past 25 years.
We appreciate very much appreciate that Gregg took time out of his busy coaching schedule, which of course typically stretches from very early in the morning to late into the evening.
Photos courtesy of University of Florida Communications