Two-Time Olympic Gold Medallist, Rower Erin Cafaro, Now CrossFit Endurance Coach

Overcoming limits, optimal nutrition
erin_cafaro_rowing1 How many female athletes in the 21st century have won gold medals in two Olympics in a row? Hopefully somebody listening can figure that out but my semi educated guess is very few.

Erin Cafaro has, and she’s done it in the brutally taxing sport of rowing. She was a key member of the U.S. women’s heavyweight 8 that won gold in Beijing and in London. In addition to her Olympic triumphs, she also won gold medals at the 2009 World Championships in two different boats, the eight and the pair, an unprecedented achievement in the modern era of US Rowing. It’s even more remarkable if you consider Erin is quite a bit on the short side to be a world class rower. She’s talks all about it in this interview.

Erin is pretty sure she’s retired from Olympic rowing and is now focusing her energies on coaching CrossFit athletes on indoor rowing as well as building an innovative sports drink company called 3FU3L.


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