True Cross Country Running With Mega Marathon Man Daren Wendell

cross_country_runner_daren_wendell100 marathons 100 days in a row

Ultra endurance, extremely fast recovery, mental toughness – we’ve got it all in this interview. Daren Wendell recently ran across America – 29 miles a day, 100 days in a row. A lot easier said than done. Yes, it’s kind of the Forest Gump thing except Daren isn’t a Hollywood invention.

In the process he’s raised nearly 150,000 dollars for the charity Active Water, which  brings safe water to people in Ethiopia. You can still donate on the website

He’s a man with quite a bit of endurance experience including in recent years cycling 4, 400 miles across the country, walking 3,400 miles across the country, hiking the length of the Appalachian Trail and swimming 50.6 miles across Lake Michigan, and not without some negative consequences, as you’ll hear in this interview.

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