Training Without Trauma: Primal Endurance’s Brad Kearns

Holistic Fitness for Athletes
Number-one Primal Blueprint lieutenant Brad Kearns is this week’s guest. A former world-class triathlete, Brad has over the past 10 years focused on holistic health and helping endurance athletes as well as the average Joe or Jane avoid over-training syndrome, chronic injuries and worse.

Brad is co-author with Mark Sisson of the recently published book Primal Endurance – subtitled Escape Chronic Cardio and Carbohydrate Dependency, and Become a Fat-Burning Beast!

Primal Blueprint founder Mark Sisson has been a guest on the show too, a couple of years ago – check out his interview in the archive. Brad is also host of the highly informative and entertaining Primal Endurance Podcast.
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Topics: Endurance training, holistic fitness, over-training, S&C, recovery, strength and conditioning; sleep for athletes, sports nutrition, chronic injuries