Brain Training to Boost Endurance Performance With Samuele Marcora (Re-broadcast)

Mental Fatigue; Brain Endurance Training; Re-broadcast 
samuele-marcora-2Can brain training make substantial improvements in endurance performance? Is self-talk really effective? The results from preliminary research are highly encouraging. This week’s guest is the man leading the studies, Professor Samuele Marcora. He is director of research at the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences at the University of Kent, in England.

Prepare for a little brain pain. In this episode we’re going to dive deep into Sam’s cutting edge work integrating exercise physiology with motivation psychology and cognitive neuroscience. This psychobiological approach has generated several innovative studies including the effects of mental fatigue on endurance performance and brain training for endurance athletes (Brain Endurance Training). Sam has also been a research consultant for MAPEI Sport Service in Italy where he contributed to highly cited research on soccer and mountain biking physiology.

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Key topics:Brain training to improve endurance performance; self-talk for athletes, mental fatigue, training to exhaustion, Central Governor Theory, Timothy Noakes, endurance training for cycling, cognitive stimulation