Rio Focus: Sprint Star Dafne Schippers’ Coach Bart Bennema (Re-broadcast)

Sprinting, “The Female Usain Bolt” (Re-broadcast)
dafne_schipper_beijin_2015Bart Bennema is coaching one of the biggest breakthrough athletes of the year – in any sport! She’s 23 year-old Dutch woman Dafne Schippers, recently crowned 200 meter sprint champion in the 2015 Beijing Track & Field World Championships, as well as the silver medallist in the 100 meters.

Given her unusual height and power over both 100m and 200m, some experts are starting to call her the female Usain Bolt although her Netherlands training environment is the opposite of a Caribbean island.
A mere six months ago, Dafne was focused on the seven events of heptathlon, and not doing too badly. In fact she placed 3rd at the 2013 World Championships in Moscow.

Bart, a former national-class decathlete, has been coaching Dafne since she was a teenager. Bart, who is 38, also coaches Nadine Fisser, a Dutch heptathlete who strong in sprint hurdles.

As they pause before getting ready for Rio, this is a candid and wide-ranging interview covering one of the most exciting career phases that any athlete and coach pairing can experience. We talk about handling increasingly intense commercial demands of an athlete with global star appeal, accusations of doping, mood management and curbing the frenetic enthusiasm of athletes who have a tendency to over-train
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