Tony La Russa & Lou Piniella: Major League Baseball Brains

St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs: We’re looking at the minds of Major League Managers Tony La Russa and Lou Piniella, two of the most successful and controversial coaches of the past couple of decades. Coincidentally (or not) the two men grew up playing against each other in West Tampa, Florida.

We’re talking with Rob Rains who has written Man on a Mission, a biography of Tony La Russa during his time at the Saint Louis Cardinals, and with George Castle, who has written Sweet Lou, A Year Inside the Dugout, an examination of Piniella’s tumultuous time with the Chicago Cubs.

The show is hosted by sports psychologist Glenn Whitney.

First up is Rob Rains, a renowned sports reporter of over 30 years’ experience who you can read regularly on

Batting second in this line-up is another acclaimed sports journalist George Castle. George, who is based in Chicago has written numerous books about baseball.

In addition to Sweet Lou, he’s penned When The Game Changed: An Oral History of Baseball’s True Golden Age 1969 to 1979. You can type George’s name into and see lots more.