Talent Code Skill Specialist & Cycling Author Daniel Coyle (Rebroadcast)

Lance Armstrong ex-teammate Tyler Hamilton (Rebroadcast)
daniel_coyle_portraitThis week we welcome one of the world’s leading experts on skill acquisition, perfecting technique and performing under pressure: Daniel Coyle.

Daniel is the author of The Talent Code, an absolutely indispensable book for coaches. He also knows quite a bit about the controversial world professional cycling, having written Lance Armstrong’s War, released in 2006 and The Secret Race, a brilliant expose about doping, co-written with Armstrong’s former teammate Tyler Hamilton, which was released last year. He also published the extremely practical Little Book of Talent, in 2012.

Interview highlights
– The lightning strike of “ignition” when young performers get really motivated
– The power of highly specific envisioning of your future self as an elite athlete
– Parents need to figure out why their kid is participating in a sport; intrinsic motivation
– Crazy tennis and golf parents and the complicated entanglements with their kids
– Prioritizing learning over winning trophies in youth development
– “Shouty,” abusive coaches and the damage they do

There’s a wealth of information and a weekly articles on Daniel’s website:

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