S&C Strength and Power Coach Matt Jordan: Injury-Free Explosiveness

Torn ACLs, Alpine Skiing Expert

s&c coach matt jordan-1Strength and power coaching – always one of our most popular topics. This week we’ve got a world leader in the area, especially when it comes to winter sports.

Matt Jordan is head of Strength and Power Science at The Canadian Sport Institute.

Matt has been personal strength coach to more than 20 Olympic and world championship medallists, and has worked extensively in speed skating, alpine skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, biathlon, hockey, football, volleyball and mixed martial arts.
Matt is currently completing his doctorate in medical science at the University of Calgary, focusing on ACL injury/re-injury prevention in elite alpine ski racers.

Matt Jordan on “Relentless and Purposeful Preparation”

Athletes, coaches and supporting cast members centralize and prepare every single day as a collective to deliver performance on demand.

The support team brings expertise to help remove physical barriers for performance on demand.  The coaches bring technical expertise and sport know-how to ensure the athletes have the ability to perform on demand.  And the athletes engage these experts and engage in rigorous preparation to deliver performance on demand.

This needs to be executed from the smallest scale (i.e. the passing seconds) to the large scale (i.e. the passing years), and done so in a highly repetitious manner to establish the mental and physical skills to deliver performance on demand
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