Swimming Coach Paul Newsome: Freestyle Mastery in Pool & Open Water

Triathlon Swimming and Open Water

Just in time for the summer splashing season in the northern hemisphere, week we have swimming and triathlon coach Paul Newsome. I’m very excited about this interview because it’s the first time we get to talk about sharks on the show.
Based in Perth, Australia, Paul is the director of Swim Smooth, a teaching and coaching academy strong on bio mechanics and the finer points of the freestyle stroke – from short course races up to ultra marathon type events, including Ironman triathlons. And Paul certainly practices what he preaches – he is the 2013 winner of the race around Manhattan Island – also known as New York City – a 28.5 mile feat that he accomplished in 7 hours and 14 minutes.

For our loyal listeners based in England, it’s worth pointing out the Paul grew up in Yorkshire and studied Sport Science at the University of Bath.

Swimming Coach Paul Newsome: Freestyle, Open Water, Triathlon