Super Champion Sports Psychologist Dave Collins On Mental Fitness

Mental toughness; athlete psychological skills
sports psychologist dave collins super champions almostsSports psychologist Professor Dave Collins is this week’s guest. He’s an expert on high-performance and specifically what makes a Super Champion versus an ordinary Champion and an “Almost.” He’s the lead researcher on a recent study into this matter, which we’ve featured on the blog.

Dave’s current affiliations are with the University of Central Lancashire and Grey Matters Performance Consulting. He has worked extensively in British rugby and football, including with the national teams as well as with U.K. Athletics, where he was Performance Director from 2005 to 2008. He is the co-author of Performance Psychology: A Practitioner’s Guide and dozens of academic papers.
sports psychologist performance psychology sports psychology dave collins super champions almosts
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The rocky road to greatness: “Super Champions” vs. “Almosts”; talent identification, mental toughness, ultra-elite coaching, mental fitness; Super champion sports psychologist Dave Collins on mental fitness; @DaveGM4P @chimpmanagement @goldmedalmind @drrobbell @michaelgervais

The Rocky Road to Greatness: “Super Champions” vs. “Almosts”