Sports Scientist Ross Tucker: Pushing the Limits of Human Performance

Central Governor, Endurance sports, Anticipatory Regulation
human performance sports-scientist-ross-tucker-tim-noakes-central-governor
Serious but fun sports science geekery this week. We’re delighted to have exercise physiologist Ross Tucker joining us from the University of Cape Town and the Sports Science Institute of South Africa.

Ross is a close colleague of Professor Tim Noake’s and has been building on his research into pacing in high-intensity endurance sports, what is often referred to as anticipatory regulation and the Central Governor Model. Ross’s PhD looked at fatigue and the limits of human performance.

In addition to doing extensive research in the limits of human performance, particularly in cycling and running, Ross is a consultant to the South Africa Rugby Sevens Team and a wide range of other top international sports. You can find numerous interesting articles on his website:

Topics: Mental training for endurance sports, brain training for high-performance sports, mental toughness, mind-body interactions in high-performance sport, Anticipatory Adaptation, Central Governor Theory, limits of human performance, Tim Noakes, Samuel Marcora, location of fatigue in the brain and body, endurance cycling, endurance running.

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