Sports Nutrition: Beet Expert & Exercise Physiologist Andy Jones

Performance enhancing vegetables, caffeine, creatine
Sports Nutrition Beet Expert Andrew Jones @AndyBeetroot
@AndyBeetroot as he is known on Twitter is this week’s guest.

More properly speaking, we are joined by Andrew Jones, PhD, Professor of Applied Physiology at the University of Exeter in the U.K., head of Sport and Health Sciences there and leader of its Bioenergetics and Human Performance Research Group. Andy is also a Special Advisor for Endurance at the English Institute of Sport.

With all those qualifications, Andy knows a lot about a certain red root vegetable that has definite performance enhancing properties and also makes for interesting experiences while on the toilet.

Just to clarify, in the U.K. it’s called a beetroot; in the U.S. it’s just a beet – but we’re talking about the same vegetable. In this interview we also discuss a wide range of legal ergogenic substances, including caffeine, creatine and, of course, spinach.

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