Sports Medicine: Human Potential & Limitations With Michael Joyner, M.D.

Optimal training; cardio-vascular system; oxygen intake, blood-oxygen transportation
Our favorite renaissance sportsman is back to talk about lots of interesting things – training adaptation, doping and other forms of cheating, cardiovascular health, oxygen intake, optimal nutrition, and lots more.

Dr. Michael Joyner is based at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, researching among many topics blood flow during exercise, glucose regulation and the physiology of elite athletes.

Dr. Joyner is a keen athlete himself, particularly triathlon. As we mentioned last time, he can quite possibly lay claim to being the fastest ever marathoner on a height-adjusted basis. Measuring 6’4″, he posted a personal best of 2:25 hours.

You can check out his highly stimulating blog Human Limits at One of his recent articles is called Speed Bumps: Why It’s So Hard to Catch Cheaters in Track and Field which he co wrote for Pro Publica, with David Epstein, the author of the Sports Gene and lead reporter on a recent series of articles accusing Nike coach Alberto Salazar of anti-doping improprieties.

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Topics: Sports medicine, optimal training; cardio-vascular system; oxygen intake, blood-oxygen transportation, anti doping, cheating in sports; performance enhancing drugs, WADA