Sports Lighting Expert Toine Schoutens On Performance Enhancements With Sun Substitutes

sports-lighting-SAD-expert-Toine-SchoutensJet lag, athletes & seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

Minimizing the effect of jet lag and optimizing performance using light therapy — this week’s guest is an expert.

Toine Schoutens develops lighting technology, lamps and special wearable visors, and applies them to enhance the performance of world-class swimmers, soccer players, rowers, gymnasts and many others. If you think about how much time many indoor athletes spend out of the sun and/or travelling you¹ll realize how hugely important it is to improve on circadian rhythms, Vitamin D synthesis and coping with jet lag.

On the web, you can check out Toine’s site:

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Topics: Sports lighting expert Toine Schoutens on performance enhancements with sun substitutes; minimizing jet lag; optimizing performance using light therapy; athletes & seasonal affective disorder (SAD)