Sport Science’s Preeminent Iconoclast: Tim Noakes

Central Governor, Hydration, Endurance Athletes


 Brain-Body Connections and Low-Carb Fuelling

It’s an honour to have Professor Tim Noakes back on the show. He’s one of the world’s leading sports scientists, with special expertise marathons, ultra running and other long endurance events.

Professor Noakes is as active as ever, despite retiring recently from the University of Cape Town’s Exercise Science and Sports Medicine Group, which he founded.
He’s now a particularly strong proponent of low-carb, high-fat approaches to weight loss and athletic performance. We talk about that, plus hydration and, of course, the Central Governor Model, a highly influential approach to understanding the relationship of the brain and the body in high performance sport.

He’s also co-authored a couple of books since we last spoke: The Real Meal Revolution, and Challenging Belief – Memoirs of a Career.

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Central Governor, Hydration, Endurance Athletes, Brain-Body Connections and Low-Carb Fuelling, Sport Science’s Preeminent Iconoclast: Tim Noakes