S&C Coach Andrea Hudy on Building Power With Agility, Speed & Resilience

Strength & Conditioning, Power & Agility

S&C Coach Andrea Hudy_2Andrea Hudy is one of the most innovate and successful strength and conditioning coaches in big-league NCAA sports.

Andrea has been at the University of Kansas since 2004, where she is Assistant Athletics Director for Sport Performance, with responsibilities for most of their sports teams and in particular the powerhouse men’s basketball squad. She has worked with 25 student-athletes who have gone on to play in the NBA.
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Before Kansas, Andrea was part of eight national championship teams at the University of Connecticut. She has a masters in sports bio-mechanics and a background as a top-level volleyball player while at the University of Maryland.

Andrea is the presenter of the DVDs: Speed, Agility and Quickness for Female Athletes, as well as Strength Training for Female Athletes, both available on

S&C Coach (Strength & Conditioning Coach) Andrea Hudy of the University of Kansas, including the Men’s Basketball Team, on Building Power with Agility, Speed and Resilience, brought in by Head Coach Bill Self in 2008.