Running Coach: Middle Distance Legend Steve Cram


Mile, 1500m, Sebastian Coe rivalry

It’s an honor to have on the show this week one of the legends of middle distance running – Steve Cram, a man who set world records, in the 1,000 meter, 1,500 meter and the mile, all in 1985. He was also among the top 800 meter runners of his generation, carrying on a fascinating multi-Running-Coach-Steve-Cram-1year rivalry with his countrymen Steve Ovett and Sebastian Coe.

Several of Steve’s times are still up there among the very fastest ever run.

Steve has a lot going on, including serving as primary coach for British 1,500 meter standout Laura Weightman, providing ad hoc coaching to a wide range of professional and amateur athletes and acting as lead athletics commentator for the BBC.

In this wide-ranging interview you’ll hear all about his transition from athlete to coach, preferred training methods and his view on all sorts of trends, from low-carb diets to barefoot running.

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