Primal Health, Recovery and Resilience With Mark Sisson

Preventing Over-Training the Paleo-Primal Way
It’s an honor to have Mark Sisson on the show this week. He’s the go-to-guy for guidance and inspiration in high-performance nutrition, anti-inflammatory diets, weight loss, and rest and recovery. His incredibly useful and comprehensive website is

One of the key founding fathers of the currently rampant Paleo-Primal nutrition movement, Mark has a strong background in high-performance sports. He was a top-level national marathoner in the 1970s and a world-class level triathlete in the 1980s.

Mark also served for 15 years as the anti-doping and drug-testing chairman of the International Triathlon Union and as its liaison to the International Olympic Committee.
In this interview we talk extensively about his shift from competing and coaching in endurance events to his current focus on happiness, meaning and purpose, and sustainable health. We also explore how these ideas can be used by the coaches of elite athletes to keep athletes injury free and healthy, and to prevent over-training and depression.

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