Physiology & Nutrition Expert Krista Austin on Marathoners, Triathletes and More

Meb Keflezighi, Nike Oregon Project, NFL Combine Preparation


Colorado Springs-based sports physiologist and nutritionist Krista Austin has a fascinating practice that runs the gamut from working with USA Triathlon to top podium-finishing marathoner Meb Keflezighi as well as the American national Taekwondo and Wrestling teams.Throw in collaborations with the International Center for East African Running Studies, the Nike Oregon Project and time spent with the English Institute of Sport and the England Cricket Team and you’ve got someone with one of the widest perspectives on high performance sport in the world.

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Krista is co-author of the book Performance Nutrition: Applying the Science of Nutrient Timing.

In the interview Krista addresses on a wide range of nutrition, physiology and strength and conditioning topics and how she takes a comprehensive approach to solving tricky performance problems.