Triathlon Guru Phil Maffetone on Holistic High Achievement

Ironman Mentor to Mark Allen & Others
Well-known for working with multiple triathlon world champion Mark Allen, renaissance man Phil Maffetone has been just about everywhere and done just about everything.

To be concise, we’ll just focus on his sports resume. For his musical accomplishments and lots more check out
In addition to mentoring Mark Allen through his key Ironman victories, Doctor Phil has also helped triathlete Angela Naeth and race car drivers Mario and Michael Andretti, among many others. His methods that focus on hear rate monitoring are still considered the gold standard by many in endurance sports.
phil_maffetone_endurance_bookDr. Phil has also authored and co-authored 16 books, including The Healthy Golfer and The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing. And he’s an expert on a subject dear to my heart – barefoot running