Optimal Endurance Training With Sports Thinker Brad Stulberg

brad stulberg 3Mental fitness, over-training; sports nutrition

This week’s guest is Brad Stulberg, one of those eclectic sports thinkers we like to have on the show for wide-ranging conversations.

Brad covers health and human performance for Outside Magazine, Runner’s World and Competitor Magazine, among others.

We cover some of the articles he’s written  recently, including How to Boost Brain Function With Exercise, The Stranger Than Fiction Way to Cheat Fatigue, Inside Your Body During an Ultramarathon, and Hormesis: The Vaccine Effect in Training.

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Topics: Optimal endurance training w/ sports thinker Brad Stulberg; mental fitness, over-training; sports nutrition, running coach, Samuel Marcora, Tim Noakes, Central Governor Theory, hormesis, mind-body training