Olympic Rowing: Gold Medallist Brad Lewis on the Grind and Glory of His Sport

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Brad Alan Lewis has been up and down the race course in numerous successful incarnations: Olympic Gold medal winning rower, coach, gonzo journalist and prolific novelist.
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Brad struck gold in the double sculls in Los Angeles in 1984, an improbable tale of an outsider triumphing over the establishment. He tells the story in one of the most amusing and insightful sports books I’ve ever read: Assault on Lake Casitas.
In addition to a diverse writing career, Brad has coached at the collegiate and Paralympic level, most recently helping the mixed double sculls win bronze in London.

Other Brad Alan Lewis works include:Assault_on_Lake_Casitas_Cover2

Wanted: Rowing Coach
Lido for Time
A Fine Balance: Documentary on DVD (about the Men’s’ Eight in the 2000 Olympics)
Walking Towards Thunder
Confessions of a Grinder (about competing in the America’s Cup)
The Idiot Years
Demon Bean