Mindful Running Expert Michael Sandler On Better Performance Being In the Now

Mindfulness in sports, breathing, recovery


When it comes to injury and recovery, running expert Michael Sandler has been through the valley of the shadow of death and back again. He’s had several bone-crushing life threatening accidents and fought his way back to health and fitness. Once an elite distance athlete, he’s now a coach and an eloquent proponent of mindfulness in sports.

Michael’s website is where he offers a wide range of educational and performance programs for amateurs up to elite level runners. He’s also an advocate of true barefoot running, something that long-time listeners of this show will know is an big interest of mine. Even if you’re not into running but want to know more about mindfulness in sports, this interview is well worth a listen.


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Link to a video about Michael’s injury recovery: YouTube: Healing Through Barefoot Running

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