What Makes for World Class Coaching?

world-class-team-coach-john-woodenA massively important question, but not necessarily a difficult one.

Here’s my wish list. What’s yours?
– Demonstrably successful training methodology
– Personal integrity (ethical standards)
– Reliability (delivers on commitments; can be depended upon)
– Clear, pro-active day-to-day communication
– Ability to explain complex ideas in simple ways; adjusts to various audiences
– Respect for diversity; non-racist, non-sexist
– Personally well-organised; good at planning; on-time, disciplined
– Proactive communication to all key stakeholders (athlete, parents, home club, physios, S&C coaches, etc.)
– Emotional maturity
– Willingness and ability to teach and mentor junior coaches
– Adaptability, mental flexibility and open-mindedness
– Fluency and eloquence communicating with the media and with sponsors; is discreet and discplined
– Growth mindset about him/herself and towards everyone else
– Generosity in helping others
– Low ego; puts athletes’ needs before his/her own
– Able to listen as well as talk
– Capacity for empathising with others

That’s John Wooden, of course, but who else fit’s the bill? Alex Ferguson? Bill Belichick?

“If you don’t have time to do it right, will you have time to do it over?” – John Wooden

Topics: World class coaching, attributes, temperaments and standards