Rio Ready: Judo’s Jimmy Pedro On Guiding Kayla Harrison to Gold (Re-broadcast)

An inspiring story of recovery, dedication and discipline

Olympics: Judo-Women-78 kg FinalSensai Jimmy Pedro, sixth degree black belt, is one of the top judo instructors in the U.S. and the coach responsible for winning the country’s first Olympic gold medal ever – by Kayla Harrison in London 2012. She’s certainly in contention to repeat that massivement accomplishment in Rio.

The circumstances around the time Jimmy began working with Kayla and the obstacles they had to overcome to win make for an amazing story.

Jimmy Pedro is a veteran of four Olympic Games as a competitor himself and a winner of a bronze medal.He’s based in Wakefield, Massachusetts. Along with his father, who is also a highly acclaimed coach, Jimmy runs Pedro’s Judo Center.

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