Ironman Triathlon Psychiatrist Tamsin Lewis on Mental Health & High Performance

Triathlon winner, athletic brain & biochemistry expert

If you’re interested in what goes on in the mind of a world-class endurance athlete, this week’s interview is for you.

Psychiatrist Tamsin Lewis happens to be the 2014 British Ironman Champion. Over the past two years, she’s also finished on the podium in 10 elite races at shorter distances, including the half distance Ironman, known as 70.3.

Tamsin is also the co-founder of, an online blood analysis consultation service focused on serious athletes.

We talk about everything in this wide ranging interview, from peak mental states, eating disorders to sexual intercourse before major competitions. What she reveals might surprise you. is a weekly series of interviews with world-class coaches, sports scientists and sports thinkers. It’s hosted by Glenn Whitney, a mentor to coaches and a leadership advisor. You can follow us Twitter, where we post coaching news and advice just about every day of the week. The handle is @sportscoachtalk. And help us make the show increasingly popular. You can do that by posting a short review – just a sentence or two – on the Apple iTunes page.

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