Balancing Athletics With a Corporate Career: Martin Bingisser

Anatoli Bondarchuk; Remote coaching

We’ve got the thinking man’s hammer thrower on the show this week. Martin Bingisser is an international tax lawyer, a world-class athlete and a writer about all things related to track and field, strength and conditioning, you name it.

As Martin puts it – he leads two lives: During the day he’s tied to his corporate desk and after work he trains hard as the Swiss national champion and is developing as a coach, learning from some of the top names in athletics, especially his long-time coach and mentor Anatoli Bondarchuk.
Bondarchuk is a multiple Olympic medal-winning hammer thrower who competed for the Soviet Union in the 1970s and has since coached over a dozen Olympic medallists. He is now based in Canada. Martin tell us how this long-distance coaching works and he shares tips for optimizing similar remote relationships.

Martin’s website, which covers a wide-range of track & field throwing-related topics is: and his Twitter handle is @bingisser