Football Leader Grant Teaff on Coaching as a Transformational Calling

Moulding responsible young men, Social influence
It’s an honor to be joined by Grant Teaff one of the country’s most experienced and successful college football coaches and administrators.

Coach Teaff has been executive director of the American Football Coaches Association since 1994, guiding coach development and administration across the country for the AFCA, which has over 12,000 members. He is the author of six books, including the focus of today’s interview A Coach’s Influence: Beyond the Game, which takes a penetrating looks at the serious social problems facing young athletes in all sports, and how coaches can best deal with those issues.
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Coach Teaff’s on-field career spanned 37 years, including 20 at Baylor University in Texas, where he turned the program around and transformed it into a regional powerhouse. He’s the recipient of just about every hall-of-fame award out there and was several times named regional and national coach of the year.