Why Good Coaches Fail With Mike Davenport

Coaching Philosophy; Continuous Learning
why-good-coaches-fail-mike-davenport coaching-guru
This week have one of the most discerning yet approachable coaches out there. Dr. Mike Davenport is the author of the newly published Sinister Truths of Coaching. He also writes the inspiring blog Coaching Sports Today.
book_cover_why_good_coaches_failMike is the head coach and director of the rowing program at Washington College in Maryland and has over 30 years of coaching experience under his belt. He was named Division Three College Rowing Coach of the year for 2014 and 2015 among numerous other honors over the past decade.

His doctorate is in education from Wilmington University. Check out his Hack Your Coaching Series on the Coaching Sports Today website and get a free copy of Seven Reasons Why Good Coaches Fail.

Topics: Coaching philosphy, learning from mistakes, continous professional development, truth about coaching, thriving through adversity