Fixing Mission Critical Failures With Tennis Coach Ash Smith

Coaching skills, talent development
Tennis coach Ash SmithWe’re talking about plucking low hanging fruit and preventing mission critical failures this week with tennis coach Ash Smith. Based in southern England, Ash has particular expertise in wheelchair tennis and has coached numerous World Champions and Paralympic medal winners. You can check out his insightful blog at

Excerpts from a recent article by Ash:
“… my goal now is to talk less in sessions than the athlete does; being curious, asking questions, facilitating, guiding and creating problems for the athletes to solve – this way of working leads (both in my own opinion and backed up by coaching research) to more robust, long-term skill acquisition.

tennis ash smith low hanging fruit tennis balls“…only be directive when there is “low hanging fruit” and only when the situation warrants it (usually in a competitive phase of the cycle). It may not lead to robust behaviour change, but a quick reminder of a key word or phrase during competition can make all the difference.”

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