Extreme Ultra Endurance with Ironman Mark Kleanthous

Triathlon, performance fueling, recovery, mental toughness


This week we’re talking to a triathlete and coach for whom an Ironman race is just too short a distance.

Mark Kleanthous has completed two double Ironman distance races and a triple Ironman in just under 46 hours. Yes, that’s 46 non-stop hours of movement, in other words swimming, biking and running and not sleeping for nearly two days.

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Our guest Mark Kleanthous, 52, has also finished three Ironman distance races three days in a row, as well as 71 marathons under 3 hours. One of his current goals is to reach one hundred sub 3-hour finishes.

He is also a prolific coach of triathletes of all ages and the author of the Complete Book of Triathlon Training.


If you’re fascinated by ueber ultra endurance training and its many challenges – including what and when to eat and drink and when and how the heck to go to the toilet, this interview is for you.