Explosive Sports Expert Dan Pfaff on Highly Specific Training

Sprinting to long & high jumping to NFL preparation
It’s always an honor to have a true master coach on the show. This week, sports renaissance man Dan Pfaff joins us.

Coach Pfaff has worked with 49 Olympians, including nine medallists, most recently helping Britain’s long jumper Greg Rutherford win a gold medal in London. The Canadian 100-meter champion Donovan Bailey was also one of his charges.
He’s also served on five Olympic Games coaching staffs in five different countries and nine World Championship staffs for six different countries.
Among Coach Pfaff’s many other achievements: he has tutored five world record holders.
Coach Pfaff also provides consultancy to players and teams in professional football, baseball, hockey, golf, tennis, European soccer and the Canadian Winter Olympic Program.

He was appointed last year Education Director and Jumps Coach at the newly created World Athletics Center in Phoenix, Arizona.

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