Endurance, Triathlon & Holistic Health Guru Phil Maffetone

Ironman coach, over-training expert


One of our favorite guests is back for a third time: Endurance training and holistic health supremo Doctor Phil Maffetone.

Well-known for working with six-time Ironman triathlon world champion Mark Allen, renaissance man Dr. Phil has been just about everywhere and done just about everything including helping musicians like James Taylor, Johnny Cash and the Red Hot Chili Peppers stay healthy on tour.

He’s founder of the Maximum Aerobic Function Method, known as MAF – probably the most effective approach I’ve seen to prevent over-training and to fix broken athletes. He’s also a leading pioneer of low-carb, relatively high fat real food diets for athletes.


Dr. Phil has authored and co-authored 17 books, including The Healthy Golfer, The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing and The Million Dollar Marathon.

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