Dave Salo: Radical USC & Rebecca Soni Swimming Coach

Rebecca Soni, Jessica Hardy, Kosuke Kitajima, Jason Lezak






Rebecca Soni, Jessica Hardy, Kosuke Kitajima, Jason Lezak, the now-legendary relay anchorman – they have all been guided to gold by Dave Salo.

Dave is head coach of the swimming program at the University of Southern California and was assistant women’s coach for the dominant U.S. swim team at the Olympics in London.

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Dave is one of the most innovative and even iconoclastic coaches you’ll come across. A man who likes to mix lots of hard work with the pure joy of movement in the water and even a decent dose of fun – radical stuff by the standards of top-tier swimming.

In addition to those mentioned above, he has also coached Lenny Krayzelburg and Eric Shanteau. Dave has even been dubbed “The Breast Stroke Whisperer” for his uncanny ability to coax out even more performance from swimmers who are already the best in the world.

Interview topics

  •  How to win a gold medal in swimming and still have fun… sometimes
  •  Stronger, more flexible athletes created by intense dry-land work plus with single session in the pool
  •  An innovative mix of core strength work, Pilates, pin class & lying motionless on top of the water
  •  Details matter. Start and finish on time. Do the exact level of intensity and be held accountable
  •  Less volume; more detail. More sessions at race pace. Make it interesting

Dave earned a PhD in exercise physiology in 1991 and was inducted into the American Swimming Coaches Hall of Fame in 2010. He is the co-author of Complete Conditioning for Swimming.

Dave Salo and Jason Lezak