Conquer Nerves, Keep it Simple and Enjoy Yourself: Downhill Mental Toughness

mental-tougness-downhill-travis-ganongThis is what world-class self confidence sounds like: Long-shot downhill ski racer Travis Ganong of the United States. His belief in himself has been building up over time, since last year’s Olympic in Sochi, where he finished fifth. Now he’s the 2015 Silver Medallist in the downhill World Championship, at Beaver Creek, Colorado.

“Sochi was a great race for me. After that, I just kind of took off. This is a building process. You have to learn how to ski downhill. It’s such a dangerous sport and on the limit, you have to know how to ride that fine line between risk and reward and know how to get to that reward and know how to get to that reward at the end of the day.

“I knew could ski fast, I knew I had it in me to be competitive at the highest level. It was just a matter of figuring out how to conquer the nerves and conquer the over-excitement of being at these big events.”

“I woke up and I just told myself – ‘Hey, be relaxed. You’ve been skiing your whole life. You know how to ski. Don’t think about it, just go have fun and enjoy the day. Make some good turns and keep in simple…’ I love skiing. I have a passion for it.”

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