Coaching Researcher Martin Toms on Creating a Kids-First Culture

Positive coaching for young athletes
sports_psychologist_dr_martin_toms_birmingham_youth_sportsOur guest this week is Martin Toms, senior lecturer in Sports Coaching at the University of Birmingham in the UK. He’s one of very few people in the world who can call themselves a “sports ethnographer.” I looked the word up and it means someone who systematically studies people and cultures from within, rather than as a non-participating outsider. Among the many sports Martin is involved in, cricket, golf and soccer are at the top of the list.

He is also an expert in teaching sports to kids, ensuring that sports remain fun and helping coaches see their sports from the point of view of their young athletes. One of Martin’s key area of focus recently has been whether young children should specialize in just one sport or rather sample a wide range of sports until adolescence – a topic we discuss extensively in this interview. His Twitter handle is @drmartintoms

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