Rio Focus: Coaching Ashton Eaton For a Place In History (Re-broadcast)

ashton_eaton_brianne_harry_2Decathlon: Ashton Eaton, Brianne Theisen-Eaton (Re-broadcast)

For long-time followers of the podcast and or track and field, Harry Marra needs no introduction. He¹s graced us with his presence twice before. Back again after a triumphant season  guiding decathlete Ashton Eaton to World Championship Gold in Beijing and heptathlete Brianne Theisen Eaton to the silver in the same competition.

Coach Marra gives us some intimidate insights into this critical period leading up to the Olympics in Rio. Asthton, who holds the world record as well as having won Olympic Gold in  London, quite possibly deserves the title the greatest athlete of all time. Certainly his case will be strengthened if his tops the table in Brazil this summer. And if Brianne can break through and win gold, the three quite possibly will become the most successful training trio in history.

As you will hear in this interview, at 68 Coach Marra may or may not be on the verge of retirement but either way, this is yet another generous insight from him into the mind of a master coach.


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