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Great Team Captains – The Seven Traits They Share

  1. Extreme doggedness and focus in competition
  2. Aggressive play that tests the limits of the rules
  3. A willingness to do thankless jobs in the shadows.
  4. A low-key, practical, and democratic communication style
  5. Motivates others with passionate nonverbal displays
  6. Strong convictions and the courage to stand apart
  7. Ironclad emotional control

From: The Captain Class, by Sam Walker

If Roman Emperor and Stoic Philosopher Marcus Aurelius were coaching a football team, he’d be teaching his players to be:
• Focused
• Always Competing
• Selfless
• Clear
• Inspiring
• Courageous
• Controlled



The Most Excellent You: How to Get the Advice You Really Need

Feedback is:

  • Evaluative
  • Focused on past performance
  • Often linked with compensation/grading
  • Historical
  • Influenced by in-the-moment impressions and feelings

Feed-forward is:

  • Coaching-oriented
  • Aimed at helping, supporting
  • Future-focused
  • Focuses on improving results/performance
  • Provides guidance, pointers, tips

Most of us want to become more effective, more successful as professionals.
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Making Mistakes Can Become Your Competitive Advantage

It’s a nearly unanimous truth in leadership – mistakes are often the most powerful way to learn. This includes you as a leader and you helping those who report to you learn from their mistakes as well.

But pointing out the mistakes of others is a tricky business, usually requiring some advanced planning and scripting, a calm, quiet environment and a bit of compassionate courageousness.

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A Glorious Injection of Testosterone

The video linked at the bottom is a bit on the macho side, I know. Or as a good female friend responded when I sent the link to her: “What a glorious injection of testosterone!” I think she meant it (mostly) in a good way.

We at Sports Coach Radio generally believe in a non-judgmental,  going with the flow approach to coaching. In letting things happen at their own pace. Yes, sometimes the best approach to a difficult day, month or year is simply to “chop wood, carry water.”

And sometimes action is needed. Right Action. The Right Way. And the Right Way is often the most difficult way, the way the requires the most discipline, the most focus, the most delaying of gratification and with no guarantee of reward. Read More


Sports Scientist Ross Tucker on Sex, Drugs & Performance Enhancement

Doping, Sex Confusion and Cheating
Our favorite controversial, ueber incisive, sports scientist is back. Ross Tucker joins us from Capetown, South Africa, where he produces the wildly popular blog the Science of Sport

Ross loves to take on contentious topics: Illegal performance enhancing drugs, I.e. doping, sex anomalies in Olympic competition, genetic testing, the limits of human performance and more. You can find numerous fascinating articles on Ross’s website:
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Running Coach Innovator and Former Salazar Colleague Steve Magness

Anti-doping; science of running, training innovations

We’re all about courage and innovation on this show and for this week’s guest we’ve got a great example – running coach Steve Magness.
Steve is currently Head Cross Country Coach at the University of Houston and writer of the provocative book and blog, both called The Science of Running as well as the podcast Magness and Marcus on Coaching.
Some listeners might recognize Steve’s name from the currently unfolding investigation into whether Alberto Salazar engaged in illegal performance enhancing activities as head of the ultra elite distance running group the Nike Oregon Project. Steve was an assistant coach there from 2011 to 2012 and has been a key source in the allegations against Salazar.

Sports Coach Radio is a weekly series of in-depth interviews with world-class coaches, sports scientists and sports thinkers, hosted by Glenn Whitney, a coaching and leadership psychologist. You can follow us on Twitter, where we post useful articles and coaching tips just about every day of the week. The handle is @sportscoachtalk. And we’d be very grateful if you’d leave a short review of the show on the Apple iTunes page.

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Getting Ready to Run With CrossFit Mobility Expert Kelly Starrett

cross-fit-kelly-starrett Barefoot running; CrossFit Mobility WOD, minimalist shoes

Mobility WOD, Mr CrossFit San Francisco, Mr Ready to Run is back with us this week to talk all things resilient, robust and really fast and furious.

Of course it’s Kelly Starrett one of our favourite and most popular guests. He has a doctorate in physical therapy and is a consultant to a wide range of athletes and teams, from cycling, to rugby, and skiing from to ballet. He’s the author of the highly successful and influential book Becoming a Supple Leopard and now his second work is out, the hugely practical and informative Ready to Run – Unlocking Your Potential to Run Naturally.
Sports Coach Radio is a series of weekly in-depth interviews with world-class sports leaders, coaches and sports scientists. It’s hosted by Glenn Whitney, a coaching adviser and leadership consultant. Follow us on Twitter, where we post coaching tips and links to interesting articles just about every day of the week. The handle is @sportscoachtalk. And we’d be grateful if you’d leave a short review of the show on the Apple iTunes page.

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