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Soccer Coaching: Bob Bradley’s Lessons From USA, Egypt & Beyond (Re-broadcast)

Mental toughness & resilience for coaches

A rebroadcast from 2014, with the first-ever American to be appointed as head coach (manager) of a British Premier League team – Swansea.

Bob Bradley one of the most experienced and resilient coaches in the world. He has led the U.S. National Men’s team, the Egyptian National Men’s team, Stabaek, a top division club side in Norway and in 2016, Le Havre, the French Second Division squad.

He’s also a soccer dad extraordinaire – his son Michael is one of the leading American players and was a standout during this summer’s World Cup.

Bob has learned quite a few lessons along the way: from 2006 to 2011 where his U.S. team won 43 games, tied 12 and lost 25. Among the victories was a triumph in 2009 over Spain, the number one ranked country at the time.  2011 to 2013 was spent Egypt, compiling a record of 24 wins, 5 ties and 7 losses. Since earlier this year he’s been at the helm of Stabaek, a first division team based in suburban Oslo.
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Sports Psychologist & Women’s Soccer Expert Dr. Tiff Jones

Meghan Klingenberg, USA Women’s Soccer, Mental Toughness

Sports Pyschologist Dr. Tiff Jones works with 2015 World Cup winning soccer player Meghan Klingenberg and numerous other elite, college-level and high school athletes from all sort of sports.

Her primary background is in soccer, both as a national-level player and college coach, but she now regularly consults in golf, tennis and gymnastics.

Dr. Tiff’s main focus points include mental toughness, managing emotions and anxiety, decreasing negative thoughts, coming back from injury, motivation, controlling the controllables, coaching the millennial generation, and developing effective communication between coaches and athletes.

Dr. Tiff earned her M.S. and Doctorate with a specialization in Sport Psychology from Springfield College where she was also the Assistant Varsity Women’s Soccer Coach for five years.

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Topics: Mental toughness, sports psychologist, Meghan Klingenberg, USA Women’s Soccer, managing emotions and anxiety, decreasing negative thoughts, coming back from injury, motivation, controlling the controllables, coaching the millennial generation, sports psychology, athlete-coach communication


Getting Tough for Soccer and Golf With Sports Psychologist Dan Abrahams

Mental toughness, improving focus, emotional self-management and dealing with extreme pressure
Our guest this week is Dan Abrahams, a young and successful sports psychologist in the U.K. A former professional golfer and PGA golf coach, Dan is the lead psychologist at England Golf. He also works extensively in soccer – or football as it’s often called in Europe.
Dan coaches a wide range of players, including at the highest professional level – the English Premier League from clubs such as Queen’s Park Rangers, Fulham and West Ham. He is also author of three books so far – Soccer Tough, Soccer Brain and Golf Tough. is a weekly series of interviews with world-class coaches, sports scientists and sports writers. It’s hosted by Glenn Whitney, a mentor to coaches and a leadership advisor.

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Topics: Sports psychologist, mental focus, visualization, emotional self management, dealing with performance anxiety, choking, yips, performance improvements, self control, sports psychology, mental toughness, soccer, golf, football, resilience


Speed S&C Coach Vern Gambetta on Resilience, Over-Training and Lots More

Strength & conditioning, sprinting and resilience
Our favorite speed, strength and conditioning master coach is back: Vern Gambetta. This time we talk about lessons he’s learned from training mistakes he’s made over a career that spans about a half a century.

Coach Gambetta has been coaching speed, strength and agility for a vast variety of Olympic and professional sports including stints in baseball, with the New York Mets, the Chicago White Sox and the Cincinnati Reds baseball teams, in basketball with the Chicago Bulls in basketball, in football with the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs in football, and in soccer the Tampa Bay Mutiny as well as the U.S. Men’s World Cup Team.

He’s head of the Gambetta Athletic Improvement Network or GAIN, which you can find on
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Soccer Coaching: Strength & Conditioning Specialist Mike Young

soccer-coach-strength-coach-mike-youngStrength and conditioning is back in focus this week. Soccer and track specialist Mike Young works extensively with the Vancouver Whitecaps in Major League Soccer as well as running the Athletic Lab, a top-notch training facility based near Raleigh, North Carolina.

Mike has a PhD in kinesiology with an emphasis in biomechanics. He’s worked across numerous American professional and Olympic sports, including with players in the NFL and in Major League Baseball.

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Key topics:

Technique Under Fatigue, CrossFit – Pros and cons, High fat, low carb, Paleo diets, Differences in metabolic demands of American football players versus soccer players, Rest and recovery – new directions, Back squat for sprinting athletes – Risks and rewards, Goblet squats


UNC Soccer’s Anson Dorrance: Possibly the World’s Winningest Coach Ever

NCAA & Olympic Soccer; Mia Hamm
anson_dorrance_teamThis week we welcome a coach who has won 93% of his games over the past 33 years, including the latest season. For Anson Dorrance of the University of North Carolina’s women’s soccer team, and former head coach of the U.S. women’s national team, the unwieldy word “winningest” has to apply. Coach Dorrance is very possibly the winningest elite-level coach in the world, in any sport, ever.

Sports Coach Radio is hosted by Glenn Whitney, a coaching and leadership psychologist. You can follow us on Twitter, where we post useful articles and coaching tips just about every day of the week. The handle is @sportscoachtalk. And we’d be grateful if you’d leave a short review of the show on the Apple iTunes page.
anson_dorrance_sherlong_4fIn addition to bringing home the women’s World Cup in 1991, coach Dorrance has won 21 national championships. He even had a winning streak of 9 championships and 92 victories in a row, finishing in 1994.

Coach Dorrance is rightly famous for innovative techniques and tactics, a ferocious approach to competition and being an expert on the female athletic psyche. So far he has developed 17 of his young women into national players of the year, including Mia Hamm, considered by many to be one of the very best female soccer players ever.

Here’s how Coach Dorrance’s 93% win record compares to some other all-time great coaches:
Knute Rockne: 84%, John Wooden: 80%, Dean Smith: 78%, Mike Krzyzewski: 76%, Phil Jackson: 69%, Alex Ferguson 58%