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Triathlon’s Brett Sutton: Innovative and Iconoclastic Rebel

Siri Lindley, Chrissie Wellington Ironman Coach

Brett Sutton is one of the most successful and provocative triathlon coaches of all time.

He’s particularly noted for having helped Siri Lindley, Loretta Harrop and Chrissie Wellington achieve multiple world championship, as well as working with the top males triathletes Greg Bennett and Ben Bright.
For some he’s a living legend; for others a disrespectful irritant. You’ll get a good sense of his stimulating, iconoclastic character in this wide-ranging interview.

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Tim Noakes: Sports Scientist Extraordinaire, Redefining the Limits of Human Performance (Re-broadcast)


From Ironman triathletes, marathon runners, Tour de France cyclists to rowing, rugby and football – Tim Noakes’ research shakes up the consensus and opens the path to new, higher performance horizons.

We cover dehydration and water intoxication, optimal training methods, and what coaches need to know about the connections between the brain and the body. There’s even some information about how to swim nearly naked at the North Pole. The show is hosted by sports psychologist Glenn Whitney.

“It would be easy to train athletes if they were just bodies without brains.” – Tim Noakes

Tim is the author of The Lore of Running, considered by many to be one of the definitive works on the subject, plus he has written and co-written about a dozen other books and over 100 scientific papers.

His latest book is called Waterlogged: The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Endurance Sports. It’s an impressively comprehensive examination of the subject and one that is making many executives in the sports drink industry squirm.

Tim also practices what he preaches, having competed in over 70 endurance and ultra-endurance running races and he’s still highly active now that he’s passed his 60th birthday.

His ideas and research shake up the conventional wisdom and break open new, more creative and effective ways of thinking about human performance.

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Endurance, Triathlon & Holistic Health Guru Phil Maffetone

Ironman coach, over-training expert


One of our favorite guests is back for a third time: Endurance training and holistic health supremo Doctor Phil Maffetone.

Well-known for working with six-time Ironman triathlon world champion Mark Allen, renaissance man Dr. Phil has been just about everywhere and done just about everything including helping musicians like James Taylor, Johnny Cash and the Red Hot Chili Peppers stay healthy on tour.

He’s founder of the Maximum Aerobic Function Method, known as MAF – probably the most effective approach I’ve seen to prevent over-training and to fix broken athletes. He’s also a leading pioneer of low-carb, relatively high fat real food diets for athletes.


Dr. Phil has authored and co-authored 17 books, including The Healthy Golfer, The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing and The Million Dollar Marathon.

Sports Coach Radio is a series of weekly in-depth interview with world-class sports coaches, scientists and writers, hosted by Glenn Whitney, a coaching and leadership advisor. Follow us on Twitter, where we post coaching tips and links to interesting articles just about every day of the week. The handle is @sportscoachtalk. And we’d be grateful if you’d leave a short review of the show on the Apple iTunes page.
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Ironman Triathlon Psychiatrist Tamsin Lewis on Mental Health & High Performance

Triathlon winner, athletic brain & biochemistry expert

If you’re interested in what goes on in the mind of a world-class endurance athlete, this week’s interview is for you.

Psychiatrist Tamsin Lewis happens to be the 2014 British Ironman Champion. Over the past two years, she’s also finished on the podium in 10 elite races at shorter distances, including the half distance Ironman, known as 70.3.

Tamsin is also the co-founder of, an online blood analysis consultation service focused on serious athletes.

We talk about everything in this wide ranging interview, from peak mental states, eating disorders to sexual intercourse before major competitions. What she reveals might surprise you.
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Ironman Legend Mark Allen: Creating the Right Mindset Before the Big Race

ironman-triathlon-mark-allen-and-dave-scott-1989Triathlon Psychology and Mental Toughness

The Ironman World Championship. Every year it happens on the second Saturday in October in Kona, Hawaii.

It’s been exactly 25 years since the most dramatic race so far took place. A duel lasting 8 hours 9 minutes and fourteen seconds between Mark Allen and Dave Scott.

We’re honored to have that day’s victor with us on the show. That’s Mark Allen. He’s now a coach, a mentor and guide in the fields of triathlon, endurance sports in general and in the art of living. He’s also recently produced an inspiring book called The Art of Competition – a series of 90 quotations illustrated with stunning scenes of nature.
Before we jump into the interview, it’s worth highlighting some of Mark’s many accomplishments: Winning the Ironman World Championships the six years in a row he competed; 10 victories in the ITU Olympic Distance World Championships. And how about this? He was named  “The Greatest Endurance Athlete Of All Time” in a worldwide poll conducted by ESPN in 2012.

Mark’s website is:” and the website for the book is:
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Triathlon Coach Ironmate Mark Kleanthous Talks Mental Toughness

Controlling Your Mind for Endurance Sports
Triathlon Coach and extreme ultra madman Mark Kleanthous is back on the show, having recently survived the six-day Marathon des Sables in the Sahara Desert and before that Ironman Lake Tahoe, in freezing temperatures.
We’re going to talk about those gruelling exploits and rather fittingly, his new book: Triathlon. The Mental Battle — How to be a Better Athlete by Taking Control of Your Mind.

Mark’s website is:

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Triathlon Guru Phil Maffetone on Holistic High Achievement

Ironman Mentor to Mark Allen & Others
Well-known for working with multiple triathlon world champion Mark Allen, renaissance man Phil Maffetone has been just about everywhere and done just about everything.

To be concise, we’ll just focus on his sports resume. For his musical accomplishments and lots more check out
In addition to mentoring Mark Allen through his key Ironman victories, Doctor Phil has also helped triathlete Angela Naeth and race car drivers Mario and Michael Andretti, among many others. His methods that focus on hear rate monitoring are still considered the gold standard by many in endurance sports.
phil_maffetone_endurance_bookDr. Phil has also authored and co-authored 16 books, including The Healthy Golfer and The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing. And he’s an expert on a subject dear to my heart – barefoot running


Sirius Triathlon Coach Siri Lindley Shows Her Tough & Tender Sides

Leanda Cave and Mirinda Carfrae Coach
It’s an honor to be joined by one of the world’s leading triathlon coaches, Siri Lindley.

Team Sirius, as Siri’s Boulder, Colorado-based squad is called, boasts several of elite triathlon’s most successful athletes, including Leanda Cave and Mirinda Carfrae,  both women are consistently in top three in the world in long-course triathlon, plus the men Chris Foster and Damon Barnett .

Siri has been coaching since she retired from competition about ten years ago. She was the number-one ranked triathlete in the world in 2001 and 2002 and also ITU World Champion in 2002.

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Triathlon Legend Dave Scott: Ironman Domination to Coaching Excellence

Kona Ironman World Champion; Elite Triathlon Coach








This week we welcome a triathlon legend to Sports Coach Radio: Six-time Ironman World Champion Dave Scott.

Dave Scott was so dominant in the 1980s that he was simply known as The Man. The finishing times and splits he posted then still stand among the very fastest ever.

Now Dave Scott is The Coach – working intensely with several top triathletes, including four-time Ironman World Champion Chrissie Wellington as well as a highly promising up-and-comer named Drew Scott, who Dave has known intimately since Drew was born.
cu-drew-rudy-bobka-davescott Sports Coach Radio is hosted by Glenn Whitney, a sports and leadership psychologist. You can subscribe to us on Apple iTunes and follow us on Twitter with the handle: @sportscoachtalk. And if you have a moment, we’d very much appreciate it if you could leave a short review on the Apple iTunes site. Your review will help other people find out about the show.

We talk about the challenges of becoming a world champion coach after having been a world champion athlete, coaching his son, launching a comeback — sort of — and lots more in this fascinating wide-ranging conversation, which took place recently in his office in Boulder, Colorado.


Extreme Ultra Endurance with Ironman Mark Kleanthous

Triathlon, performance fueling, recovery, mental toughness


This week we’re talking to a triathlete and coach for whom an Ironman race is just too short a distance.

Mark Kleanthous has completed two double Ironman distance races and a triple Ironman in just under 46 hours. Yes, that’s 46 non-stop hours of movement, in other words swimming, biking and running and not sleeping for nearly two days.

Sports Coach Radio is hosted by Glenn Whitney, a sports and leadership psychologist. You can subscribe to us on Apple iTunes and follow us on Twitter with the handle: @sportscoachtalk. And if you have a moment, we’d very much appreciate it if you could leave a short review on the Apple iTunes site. Your review will help other people find out about the show.

Our guest Mark Kleanthous, 52, has also finished three Ironman distance races three days in a row, as well as 71 marathons under 3 hours. One of his current goals is to reach one hundred sub 3-hour finishes.

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Ironman Triathlete and Paleo Nutrition Coach Nell Stephenson

Kona & 70.3 Competition; Endurance fueling with real food

This time on Sports Coach we’re speaking with Nell Stephenson – a world-class age group Ironman triathlete and leading Paleo sports nutritionist and food coach.

Nell is the author of the ground-breaking holistic health book Paleoista. It explains, adapts and modernises the increasingly popular Paleo Diet for high-performance people who don’t necessarily want to spend their lives in a cave or hunting with a spear for their next meal.

Sports Coach Radio is a weekly audio show providing in-depth insight to the people and passion behind winning performances. It’s hosted by sports and performance psychologist Glenn Whitney, and you can listen to it on this site or on Apple iTunes.

Nell has also written The Paleo Diet Cookbook with Loren Cordain, the leading research in Paleo nutrition. You can take a closer look at Nell’s diet and food coaching thoughts on her daily blog:


Fitness guru, triathlete and coach Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield is a highly active Ironman, 70.3 and sprint triathlete and a triathlon coach to a wide range of athletes from the super serious to the recreational.

Ben chats this week with Glenn Whitney, a sports psychologist and mentor to sports coaches.

Ben runs the hugely helpful bengreenfieldfitness website and hosts a weekly podcast, with his sidekick Brock.

And that’s not all, Ben is the Get Fit Guy on the Quick And Dirty Tips dot com network and the author of several books on fitness and sports nutrition, including the latest titles: The Get Fit Guy’s Guide to Achieving Your Ideal Body and Tri Ripped – Get the Ultimate Triathlon Body.

Ben is pretty much an all-around master of the fitness universe, and we’re very glad he could talk with us.