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Tim Noakes: Sports Scientist Extraordinaire, Redefining the Limits of Human Performance (Re-broadcast)


From Ironman triathletes, marathon runners, Tour de France cyclists to rowing, rugby and football – Tim Noakes’ research shakes up the consensus and opens the path to new, higher performance horizons.

We cover dehydration and water intoxication, optimal training methods, and what coaches need to know about the connections between the brain and the body. There’s even some information about how to swim nearly naked at the North Pole. The show is hosted by sports psychologist Glenn Whitney.

“It would be easy to train athletes if they were just bodies without brains.” – Tim Noakes

Tim is the author of The Lore of Running, considered by many to be one of the definitive works on the subject, plus he has written and co-written about a dozen other books and over 100 scientific papers.

His latest book is called Waterlogged: The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Endurance Sports. It’s an impressively comprehensive examination of the subject and one that is making many executives in the sports drink industry squirm.

Tim also practices what he preaches, having competed in over 70 endurance and ultra-endurance running races and he’s still highly active now that he’s passed his 60th birthday.

His ideas and research shake up the conventional wisdom and break open new, more creative and effective ways of thinking about human performance.

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Tour de France Rider Tyler Hamilton on Coaching and Life After Lance

Cycling, Lance Armstrong, Doping

This week cyclist Tyler Hamilton joins us on Sports Coach Radio. Once Lance Armstrong’s most-trusted lieutenant, Tyler went on to become one of his biggest rivals and then one of his most devastating adversaries.

Tyler has experienced the greatest highest and deepest lows in professional cycling: a Tour de France stage victory, an Olympic Gold medal and huge winnings. And then suspended twice for using illegal drugs, stripped of titles and shunned by his peers. He was one of the first riders of his generation to be punished for cheating, but certainly not the last.

Sports Coach Radio is hosted by Glenn Whitney, a coaching and leadership psychologist. You can follow us on Twitter, where we post useful articles and coaching tips just about every day of the week. The handle is @sportscoachtalk. And we’d be grateful if you’d leave a short review of the show on the Apple iTunes page.

Tyler is now coaching mostly amateur riders via his company Tyler Hamilton Training. We caught up with him recently over the telephone from his base in Missoula, Montana.














UNC Soccer’s Anson Dorrance: Possibly the World’s Winningest Coach Ever

NCAA & Olympic Soccer; Mia Hamm
anson_dorrance_teamThis week we welcome a coach who has won 93% of his games over the past 33 years, including the latest season. For Anson Dorrance of the University of North Carolina’s women’s soccer team, and former head coach of the U.S. women’s national team, the unwieldy word “winningest” has to apply. Coach Dorrance is very possibly the winningest elite-level coach in the world, in any sport, ever.

Sports Coach Radio is hosted by Glenn Whitney, a coaching and leadership psychologist. You can follow us on Twitter, where we post useful articles and coaching tips just about every day of the week. The handle is @sportscoachtalk. And we’d be grateful if you’d leave a short review of the show on the Apple iTunes page.
anson_dorrance_sherlong_4fIn addition to bringing home the women’s World Cup in 1991, coach Dorrance has won 21 national championships. He even had a winning streak of 9 championships and 92 victories in a row, finishing in 1994.

Coach Dorrance is rightly famous for innovative techniques and tactics, a ferocious approach to competition and being an expert on the female athletic psyche. So far he has developed 17 of his young women into national players of the year, including Mia Hamm, considered by many to be one of the very best female soccer players ever.

Here’s how Coach Dorrance’s 93% win record compares to some other all-time great coaches:
Knute Rockne: 84%, John Wooden: 80%, Dean Smith: 78%, Mike Krzyzewski: 76%, Phil Jackson: 69%, Alex Ferguson 58%


Triathlon Legend Dave Scott: Ironman Domination to Coaching Excellence

Kona Ironman World Champion; Elite Triathlon Coach








This week we welcome a triathlon legend to Sports Coach Radio: Six-time Ironman World Champion Dave Scott.

Dave Scott was so dominant in the 1980s that he was simply known as The Man. The finishing times and splits he posted then still stand among the very fastest ever.

Now Dave Scott is The Coach – working intensely with several top triathletes, including four-time Ironman World Champion Chrissie Wellington as well as a highly promising up-and-comer named Drew Scott, who Dave has known intimately since Drew was born.
cu-drew-rudy-bobka-davescott Sports Coach Radio is hosted by Glenn Whitney, a sports and leadership psychologist. You can subscribe to us on Apple iTunes and follow us on Twitter with the handle: @sportscoachtalk. And if you have a moment, we’d very much appreciate it if you could leave a short review on the Apple iTunes site. Your review will help other people find out about the show.

We talk about the challenges of becoming a world champion coach after having been a world champion athlete, coaching his son, launching a comeback — sort of — and lots more in this fascinating wide-ranging conversation, which took place recently in his office in Boulder, Colorado.