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Pioneering Professional Baseball S&C Coach Rachel Balkovec

Rachel-Balkovec_Strength_and_conditioning_coach_S&C_baseballWe have pioneering strength and conditioning coach Rachel Balkovec this week. She’s the first ever female S&C coach to work for a professional baseball team – the Houston Astros organization, currently as Latin American coordinator.

While still in the early stages of her career, Rachel has already paid quite a lot of dues, working previously in S&C roles at the St. Louis Cardinals, the Chicago White Sox and Arizona State University.

Rachel’s other mission is to inspire and female athletes, and students in general, to elevate their standards for life and empower others. More information about this is on her website: CmzWCfWXgAA27qS

Rachel has a master’s degree in sports administration from Louisiana State University, and a B.A. in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from the University of New Mexico.

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Youth Sports Expert Mark Hyman on the High Cost of Competition

Over-training, injuries, burn-out
We’ve got a back-to-school special this week that should resonate with a lot of coaches and parents.
Mark Hyman is the author of the books Until It Hurts: America’s Obsession with Youth Sports and How It Harms Our Kids and The Most Expensive Game in Town: The Rising Cost of Youth Sports and the Toll on Today’s Families.

Mark has been a journalist for over three decades and since 2013 is an assistant professor at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

He’s also a parent of two grown sons, and an endurance runner who has finished marathons in 19 states.
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Topics: Youth sports expert, injuries, over-training, burnout, the rising cost of youth sport and the toll on today’s families, America’s obsession with youth sports and how it harms our kids, Little League baseball, football, basketball, Tommy John Surgery, concussions


Tony La Russa & Lou Piniella: Major League Baseball Brains

St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs: We’re looking at the minds of Major League Managers Tony La Russa and Lou Piniella, two of the most successful and controversial coaches of the past couple of decades. Coincidentally (or not) the two men grew up playing against each other in West Tampa, Florida.

We’re talking with Rob Rains who has written Man on a Mission, a biography of Tony La Russa during his time at the Saint Louis Cardinals, and with George Castle, who has written Sweet Lou, A Year Inside the Dugout, an examination of Piniella’s tumultuous time with the Chicago Cubs.

The show is hosted by sports psychologist Glenn Whitney.
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