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Butterfly Gold Medallist Misty Hyman Transitions to Elite Coaching

Swimming, Pursuit of Perfection, Mental toughness (Re-broadcast)


Misty Hyman is a young swimming coach with a bright future and a glorious past. Her gold-medal winning 200 meter butterfly at the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000 was an iconic tour de force, combining superb technique, optimal conditioning and a giant dose of mental toughness, not the least because she blew away her heavily favored Australian rival.

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misty_hyman_h&sMisty has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to overcome setbacks and limitations, including asthma as a very young child and measuring 5 foot 7, meaning she was rarely one of the taller competitors in the pool.

After post graduate studies in Switzerland, she’s again based in her home state of Arizona, coaching a wide range of swimmers as well as triathletes.

http://mistyhyman.com/ @mistyhyman